The insurance industry has traditionally been cyclical in nature with interchanging periods of soft and hard underwriting approaches. Our comprehension of and ability to access insurance carriers drove us to choose markets based on the following qualifications:
Their financial stability

Their attitude towards claims

Their record of commitment to long term relations

The abilities and experience of individual underwriters

With them, we strongly believe that we will achieve and maintain insurance programs encompassing broad coverages and competitive pricing. Our strategy will encompass the following elements:

Arranging a closer working relationship between you and the insurer

Maintaining regular dialogue with you to ensure the program continues to meet your needs

Constantly monitoring changes within the marketplace to assess how these could affect your program

Negotiating the broadest available coverage which may involve deleting or mitigating troublesome policy exclusions or introducing clauses to meet your specific needs

We recognize the increased burden placed upon you by the state of the insurance market today. We regard the matter of financial security of an insurer of paramount concern. As such, we wish to assure you that in choosing our markets, we have exercised the greatest degree of care and will continue to do so in the fulfillment of our obligation to you.



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